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[Sumire’s Lesson] January 30, 2020

A pianist with a master’s degree is now offering online lessons.
Won a prize in the Asian competition.
Also performed with orchestras from Europe.

Lessons in Japanese and English are available.
For more information, please contact me.


💁🏻‍♂️【About my family】💁🏻‍♀️

My father is a first class architect and loves jazz and classical music.

When my mother was young, she went to the former Yugoslavia (now Bosnia and Herzegovina) on the invitation of a company and watched the Sarajevo Olympics held at that time.
This was when coach Brian Orser who is the coach of international figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu, was a player.
He looks like Winnie the Pooh now, but he was very good-looking when he was young and she said that she enjoyed watching the competition.

My mother was the first Japanese person who went to former Yugoslavia and watched the Sarajevo Olympic.
She still talks about it expressing how she was impressed.
Now it’s called Bosnia-Herzegovina.

I would love to go there with all of my family ~ : )

I’m honored to have been born as a daughter from them.
I will continue to do my best.

Please take care of yourself.


My grandmother was born in early Showa era and she has gone through the war period.
She has graduated the girl’s school of old times with an excellent result, loved me just like my grandfather did, without being bossy at all, she was such a beautiful minded person.

My mother is also very cute, but also strong with sense of justice and full of vitality, just like her mother. This is off the subject, but my father succeeded in passing the exam for Licensed Architect [1st grade] in the age of 40, to start his own business after retiring, and also to keep the promise that he made with his wife which was to pass the exam before I was born.

When I was in the 4th year of University [Tokyo College of Music], my grandmother passed away just before she was going to start the practical training that she had to do in order to apply for the teacher’s license.

What is the most important thing as a person??
For example, trying to look good, to seize the power, to have a lot of money, the way of thinking, status etc...it’s all up to the individuals, but I think "the heart" is the most valuable thing.
If we change the way of thinking, things start to change...have a heart of gratitude.

We only live once.
I want to live happily and cheerfully, and keep in mind to see things from new perspective.


Grandfather on my mother’s side was born in Taisho era, and he survived through the time of Siberia war where he was captured as a prisoner in frigid detention.
He definately was a man with a good luck.
My Grandfather passed away when I was in the third year of high school.
I really liked him, and I totally was a Grandpa’s little girl.
He also loved me a lot and was always supportive.
I still remember some heartwarming episode.
Because I loved him so much that I still think he is alive, and in my heart, I can see him smiling like he used to do.😭✨

Speaking of him, I’ve heard from my mother that there are still some relatives in Brazil.
I can’t wait to meet them in near future.

By the way, the reason why I want to challenge many things is…since there are many negative emotions such as insidious prejudice, envy and jealousy in our daily life, and is difficult to ignore them…especially I was surprised when I got offended by someone I know every once in so often.

I truly believe that the best way to deal with the negative spiral, isn’t to take it seriously and just let it go, and one thing came up in my mind now, is to always pray for the peaceful world which touches one’s heart.

I believe that the kindness is one’s strength.
If you face yourself, you will see people in a new light.🍀

Of course, people have weakness...(all of creation)
...but I like how the perspective broaden from challenging yourself.

Rather than going against each other about small things, and ending up dragging each other down, I prefer a positive life, finding myself a small piece of hope and respecting others to the fullest.

I have an acquaintance who is very international, pure, intelligent, humility, diligent, and very enthusiastic to the research that she is in charge of.
She also has a good intuition and a sence of humor, and a strong mentality!!
She is my role model.

I will keep on studying greedily, looking widely at various fields, and aim to improve my skills.
I want to be a person who is always helpful to those who need a hand.



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